Friday, September 12, 2008


September is here and with it have come winds - not yet the heat we expect for this time of year. One wonders if the rainy season will appear on schedule but there was no rain around show time at the end of August and this is not a good sign.

Lack of water means that the vegetable garden is slow and not as productive as it should be. With constant power cuts and water cuts (no municipal water for three weeks and the borehole only operates when we have power!) water is almost out and we must wait for the rains to replant our lettuces and other vegetables.

Chillies and peppers have been planted but the germination rate has not been good.

Our avocado tree is producing well and mulberries and strawberries provide us with fruit. Our raspberries look like they may give us a good crop and the dusty berries are already starting to produce.

September is a slow month in our garden but we still mange to provide ourselves with something for the table.