Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day Lilies

The Day Lily is not indigenous but grows prolifically in Zimbabwe gardens.

My dear friend Lynda Sandercock bred them at her nursery in Borrowdale. She had the most wonderful selection of colours and i bought everyone she had - they now give us wonderful colour almost all year round - from yellow to orange to dark red and maroon.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Fairy Garden

With the rain comes a mass of growth in the garden. As we have no gardener much of the garden has become overgrown - I like it that way - natural and one never knows what one will come across as one wanders about looking in the crooks and crannies.

this is what i came across yesterday - flame lilies climbing into our wild gardenia and growing among a mass of 'Mother in Laws Tongues'. We have never seem this display before - perhaps because our gardeners have always - kept the place tidy!!!!!!!

I really think I prefer the garden untidy!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Dorset mega

This little chilli plant looks Innocent. Don't believe it!!!!

We planted the seed - which came from England in July - everyone said far too early - anyway it has thrived and we harvested our first chilli two days ago.

I thought I was used to hot chillies - this one tops the scale - I took a bite of the bottom of the fruit and mentioned that it was not hot at all what was all the fuss! Then I bit further into the flesh - not taking any seeds. I have never tasted anything so hot - it has no flavour just heat that bi=urns. My husband had the same experience.

We went and opened a container of ready made custard - something I never eat as i have a reaction to milk products - well I downed two plates and never had a reaction. i could still feel a slight burning sensation yesterday.

Just beware if you plant this chillie it is really hot!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cycads in our garden

The cycad is a prehistoric dinosaur of the plant world. We are lucky to have a number in our garden and this time of year they are producing the cones which give us the seeds. We have so many seeds that they fall on the ground around the plants and start to shoot - every year we give away cycad seedlings to anyone who wants them. Many people have to have their plants fertilized artificially but ours just reproduce on their own!