Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Now is the time to plant strawberries

There is nothing quite like picking a few strawberries to eat there and then when you walk your garden. But time is running out. You have to plant your strawberries right now
With their low growing, creeping habit they are perhaps the easiest of all the berries to grow, and they are also the most adaptable to different growing conditions. You can grow them in beds, as borders or even in pots and hanging baskets. they flourish among your vegetables and give great satisfaction.

Give them an open, sunny position. The soil should be well composted and well drained. . Do not let the plants dry out, but beware of over watering. They can withstand light frost but if you get severe frost it pays to protect the plants.
Here in Zimbabwe they should grow well in almost any situation.
Nothing better than a good home grown strawberry that you know has no incesterside or fertiliser!
They will flowerin spring. The plants will stay productive for at least three years.