Friday, January 23, 2009

Dorset mega

This little chilli plant looks Innocent. Don't believe it!!!!

We planted the seed - which came from England in July - everyone said far too early - anyway it has thrived and we harvested our first chilli two days ago.

I thought I was used to hot chillies - this one tops the scale - I took a bite of the bottom of the fruit and mentioned that it was not hot at all what was all the fuss! Then I bit further into the flesh - not taking any seeds. I have never tasted anything so hot - it has no flavour just heat that bi=urns. My husband had the same experience.

We went and opened a container of ready made custard - something I never eat as i have a reaction to milk products - well I downed two plates and never had a reaction. i could still feel a slight burning sensation yesterday.

Just beware if you plant this chillie it is really hot!

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