Thursday, July 30, 2009

And you thought you had a weed in your garden!


This interesting little plant grows in almost every garden - it is a common weed and many people consider it a menace as it grows in every crook and cranny. It has shiny green leaves and small white and yellow flowers. It originated in Australia. It is, however now a common Zimbabwe plant.
As it matures it appears like a small leafy umbrella.
It is an excellent treatment for skin cancer. i was taught how to use it by a farmer's wife.

One breaks off a section of the stem of the plant.
A white latex will be seen and this should be applied to the area that requires treatment.
Let the latex dry on the area to which it has been applied. One will often experience a taste of pepper in the mouth - this is normal.
The treated area will form a scab - this will heal and fall off leaving almost no scarring.
One should try and treat the area three times a day - the latex is harmless except to cancer growths on the skin.

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