Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vegetable gardening in Zimbabwe

A lot is being written about how people in Zimbabwe are turning their gardens into vegetable plots! We are managing to produce more than we can cope with in our garden. We have a modest garden and we make sure that we only grow as much as we, and our neighbours and staff, can cope with at one time. By careful planning this is possible.

We love spinach and this time of year is when we have rain - this means the spinach droops and dies off.

We have discovered that by growing it under the eaves of the house we can keep our spinach on the go almost all year.

Another discovery this year has been that the coloured spinach called 'bright lights' (actually kale) does not mind the rain - we now have green, red and yellow spinach on our table on a regular basis!

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  1. Hi Cyberwitch!

    You have a lovely climate there for year-round production. Is there anything better than eating food from your own garden?

    A friend of mine builds vegetable gardens for a living in Mutare, sounds like a nice life to me!

    Best regards,