Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winter is still here

Looking round the garden this morning it is very evident that winter is still here.  The dry season has caused brown patches in lawn.  Plants have died back and even having a bore hole has not saved us from lack of rain.  This year has been cold but no frost has settled - thank goodness.  Although one knows that as soon as the rains return we will get green grass again it is still sad to see so little colour. 

What colour there is comes from the aloes with their lovely yellow, orange or pink flowers - much loved by the sun birds.
We have been against watering anything but what we need to water in the garden - letting it rest during winter and conserving the underground water supply.  So many people water their garden throughout the year - even the verges outside their houses and then wonder why their bore holes dry up!

In two weeks we should be ready to start planting the seeds which need spring - and within a short time the garden will be returned to its glory.

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