Friday, September 18, 2009

Summer is here! We have a new gardener and almost from the moment he started the garden started to flourish again. Plants are aware of people - I am certain.

Our last garden helpers planted far too many onions - but can you have too many onions? I actually don't think so!

Maxwell knows how to look after and produce large onions so we are taking his advice.

Eggplant are on the way - we have so many avocados we virtually live on them, our tomatoes are great too - avocado and tomato salad is on the menu every day - we collect about 7 a day and they keep falling out of the tree - we have to get to them before the dogs - but as we have so many why not let the dogs eat them as well!

Strawberries have been good this year already and the raspberries are starting to come up - this year we have many more shoots from the canes and our crop should be good.

The dusty berry bushes are also looking good and now with the facility to water we should get good crops of all our berries!

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  1. You are fortunate. Avacado's are $2.00 each here in Ohio. We have the same issue with apples, though. Too many to keep up with.